Increase your AC efficiency with duct renovation

Have you noticed that some rooms in your house just don’t seem as cool as others? Is your AC unit running forever but not really cooling like it should? Was your house built before 1988? If you answer yes to any of these questions, chances are good that your AC ductwork in the attic is deteriorating and in need of repair or replacement. Up to 1/5 of the air moving through your duct work may be lost because of leaks, holes and unsealed connections. Renovating your duct system can result in substantial savings on your energy bills.

How your duct system works

Your duct system is a series of conduits carrying warm and cool air from your AC and furnace into your house and then back to your HVAC system. The ducts control how much air flows into each room. Having the right amount of air is crucial to maintain a comfortable temperature in each room. If ducts are falling apart, not properly installed or not the correct size, your system is unable to heat and cool as it should.

Why an energy efficiency assessment is important

Contact Crumrine AC for a free air duct efficiency assessment. We can test your ductwork to measure the amount of air coming out of each vent and suggest modifications if better air flow is needed throughout your house, such as adding more return intakes or installing turning veins. Other improvements could include adjusting fan speeds or making changes to your air filtration system.

What ductwork renovation entails

If your ductwork needs to be renovated, we’ll remove the ducts that are not functioning properly and replace them with high quality fiberboard ductwork that is properly sealed and the correct configuration for the square footage and number of stories in your house.

Following duct renovation, we will perform air balancing to precisely adjust the air flow. We will provide you with a test report showing how your system functions after the renovation and compare it to the way it functioned before the repairs were made.
Fall and winter are the best seasons for duct work repair, renovation or replacement to get your system ready for the following summer.

Determine your eligibility for a rebate

CPS Energy currently offers customers an Air Flow Performance Rebate if your system meets certain requirements. Visit the CPS Energy website for more information about rebates.

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