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Solar Power for your home!

JC Fix My AC  can now provide solar power for your home

I am pleased to announce that I can now provide solar power for your home. Through my affiliation with ENPHASE ENERGY, solar power can help you REALLY reduce your energy usage. 

More great news... CPSENERGY is offering very generous REBATES that can be your ticket to go solar. Call me if you would be interested in discussing this new service.  Click here to contact me to discuss the rebates available to you.

And more great news... A recent study showed that homeowners who purchase a solar energy system actually add to their property value. Homes with solar on the roof are likely to sell more quickly, too.

Posted by Jeff Crumrine on 1st July, 2015 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: solar panels in san antonio, San Antonio Air Conditioning Repair

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